Hood Politics - Benny The Butcher x Universaldagod Lyric Sheet.

Intro: private convo
Man you know what we on (you know what we on),
I ain’t even gotta explain myself no more to these n*****,
Big BSF, Huh,
I made this shit look good, this shit really ugly though,
Uh, they gon say the money changed me,
But I’ma say the haters did it,
I watched them suckers bend the rules,
But what I do, forgave them n*****,
Makin movies I played the villain,
Shake n’ move and makin millions,
Money callin, my line beeping,
I had to tell em to wait a minute, Uh,
Phillipe steak from table scraps,
I don’t like we’re making raps,
Enough dough saved up dat,
I can pay the label back,
Overseas tourin I’m staying at a Paris Hilton,
Then a few weeks later a n**** ran into Paris Hilton,
I made cocaine aroma smoke,
We never got diplomas doe,
The President that making drugs legal,
That’s who I’m voting foe,
You know BSF the stamp n****,
These killers uncontrollable,
The hip hop police want my mug shot for these quotables,
S-class, the new one to model,
Pillows in the back and the rug so soft,
Can’t wear yo shoes when we ridin’,
I’m used to beef, all they do is some hollows,
Keep playin’,
We got hand grenades shaped like Don Julio bottles,
It’s Butch n*Verse:

Verse: (Universaldagod)
You see I never had a bust down Rolodex /or a boogie down/
Rolex from the district/all I had /was some hand me downs/
frowns/never pounds/
for the fake/they can not be down/Crown pon me head/not me neck /watch me shot dem down/
Mary Jane/marijuna/watch us/ smoke it by the pound/
crack houses/back in the nineties /Scotty lost and found /
Scotty beamed em up /and Star trek ed em/like the number nine/ now/they /snort /coke lines/
and/pop pills/like it’s eighty nine/
born into a drug family/but it’s my family tree/
uncles on both sides/wit /coco stores/
and/f***** pharmacies/
Cocaine Cowboys/Dallas stars/back in eighty three/she ride the white pony/so/how can she mad at me/
that white girl/ gotch your nose twitching/whatcha n***** pitching/
one pinch of your skin/have you niggas /nodding/itching/
on that boy/ skin scratching/matching /
morning sickness/
the China white/the blue gray// or the Mississippi Brown
dope money / dope money/quarterbacking//every round/
Joe Montana/San Francisco type of eighties /kind of flow/somebody pipe him down/
before I let another tally go/first down
and goal/
here we go/Dan Marino glow/cock it back/and let it go/thought the south was kind of slow/Deon Sanders /type of show/
/I/intercept it///and watch him/go/
touchdown /and extra points//all I speak is needs and wants/free throws/
Miami bricks/young boys wit hella sticks/
at the Finito/
interstate /flooded wit hella picks//
it’s open season /wit the cocoa//scanners for /the/Poe Poe/b****//
move that work /but/never slow //no/thats a no no b/****
ramodose/come/short/wit the money and get/comotosed/
the murder/rate/at a all time high /uh/
it make you overdose/
coast to coast/American gangsters/tulserosa //
wanted poster/gun in the holster /I’ll a roller/coast ya/i ghost ya/

I dare not brag/or boast/but /coming /wit the bigger toast/
never copped a presidential/but I copped a bigger ghost/ltd/on these niggas/I’m a bigger host/
they like what they /hear/what they see/I’m the Holy Ghost/
see a Judas/creeping on em// hit em/wit the Holy Toast/
leave that n****stupid/dumb/from /the home/of the hated most/
Frank Matthews/run the town//that’s a double dose//cocaine lines/up your nose bring you stupid close//